Different Types of Slot Machines and Basic Tips For Winning

The underlying principle behind any slot machine is to insert money into the slot and draw the handle. Know the distinct types of slot machines and some interesting tips to win your game. The slot machines get categorized under two basic types namely, Straight Slots and Progressive Slots. Straight slots further get divided into four different kinds.

  • Buy a Pay Slot.
  • Multiple Payline Slots
  • The Bonus Multiplier Slots
  • The Multiplier Slots

How Straight Slots Works

The machine will have a predefined list and pays per the combination was chosen. This example can help you understand better. For everyone who puts in a single cherry, slot pays two coins; two cherries will pay you five coins and pays ten coins for three cherries, etc. Based on the payment schedule list, the straight slots get divided into four different kinds.

  1. Buy-a-Pay Slot: Read the instructions given in the machine by pushing the help button. It is stated that this machine can get you huge jackpot for every coin played. You can win by playing with minimum coins. However, only if you play with a maximum number of coins, then you stand a chance to get more on winning a jackpot.
  2. Multiple Payline Slots: Based on how many coins you put, the machine makes payment accordingly for that many numbers of lines. With only one coin if you win, then you get the middle line. The next coin fetches you a top The third coin and bottom line are associated. Fourth and fifth lines are diagonals. Before beginning to play, go through the instructions and know the number of lines you want to play and pay accordingly. Happy winning!
  3. The Bonus Multiplier: This type of slot machine will multiply the business. When you win on a two-coin machine, then it will double your winning amount. You get the bonus only when you play with maximum coins.
  4. The Multiplier: Payout gets multiplied depending on the number of coins you play. For instance, when you play a single coin with three cherries, then the machine pays you five coins. Similarly, for two coins, it will play ten, for three it gives fifteen and so on. No additional advantage for playing with a maximum number of coins.

How Progressive Slots Works

Progressive Slots will increase every time progressively when you play one coin. Upon reaching the jackpot, the amount resets from the beginning number.

However, the machine will list a regular set of payouts in progressive slots as well. Additionally, when a huge jackpot gets progressively accumulated for every coin inserted inside, it adds more excitement to the player. The prize won in progressive slots fetches an enormous sum of money.

Basic Tips Before Deciding On The Slots

  • Remember to bet for the maximum number of pay lines to stand a chance to take away a jackpot.
  • Select Slot machines, which offer more bonus rounds.
  • Choose Casinos, which can provide first-time players with comps, giveaways, and rewards.
  • Never go beyond flashy Slot machines. Players usually mistake showy machines as the best.
  • Check for loose and tight slot machines before starting your game.
  • Always consult the hosts for freebies and don’t shy away.

Do not forget the fact that slot machines are for fun and never overdo to lose money. Play a balanced game and make some money.

Don’t be greedy!