Different Types of Slot Machines and Basic Tips For Winning

The underlying principle behind any slot machine is to insert money into the slot and draw the handle. Know the distinct types of slot machines and some interesting tips to win your game. The slot machines get categorized under two basic types namely, Straight Slots and Progressive Slots. Straight slots further get divided into four different kinds.

  • Buy a Pay Slot.
  • Multiple Payline Slots
  • The Bonus Multiplier Slots
  • The Multiplier Slots

How Straight Slots Works

The machine will have a predefined list and pays per the combination was chosen. This example can help you understand better. For everyone who puts in a single cherry, slot pays two coins; two cherries will pay you five coins and pays ten coins for three cherries, etc. Based on the payment schedule list, the straight slots get divided into four different kinds.

  1. Buy-a-Pay Slot: Read the instructions given in the machine by pushing the help button. It is stated that this machine can get you huge jackpot for every coin played. You can win by playing with minimum coins. However, only if you play with a maximum number of coins, then you stand a chance to get more on winning a jackpot.
  2. Multiple Payline Slots: Based on how many coins you put, the machine makes payment accordingly for that many numbers of lines. With only one coin if you win, then you get the middle line. The next coin fetches you a top The third coin and bottom line are associated. Fourth and fifth lines are diagonals. Before beginning to play, go through the instructions and know the number of lines you want to play and pay accordingly. Happy winning!
  3. The Bonus Multiplier: This type of slot machine will multiply the business. When you win on a two-coin machine, then it will double your winning amount. You get the bonus only when you play with maximum coins.
  4. The Multiplier: Payout gets multiplied depending on the number of coins you play. For instance, when you play a single coin with three cherries, then the machine pays you five coins. Similarly, for two coins, it will play ten, for three it gives fifteen and so on. No additional advantage for playing with a maximum number of coins.

How Progressive Slots Works

Progressive Slots will increase every time progressively when you play one coin. Upon reaching the jackpot, the amount resets from the beginning number.

However, the machine will list a regular set of payouts in progressive slots as well. Additionally, when a huge jackpot gets progressively accumulated for every coin inserted inside, it adds more excitement to the player. The prize won in progressive slots fetches an enormous sum of money.

Basic Tips Before Deciding On The Slots

  • Remember to bet for the maximum number of pay lines to stand a chance to take away a jackpot.
  • Select Slot machines, which offer more bonus rounds.
  • Choose Casinos, which can provide first-time players with comps, giveaways, and rewards.
  • Never go beyond flashy Slot machines. Players usually mistake showy machines as the best.
  • Check for loose and tight slot machines before starting your game.
  • Always consult the hosts for freebies and don’t shy away.

Do not forget the fact that slot machines are for fun and never overdo to lose money. Play a balanced game and make some money.

Don’t be greedy!

7 Must Visit Luxury Casinos Around The World

The city of Las Vegas is the home to the most luxurious casinos in the world. In fact, in the present times, the whole world boasts of some of the best casinos. They are world-class, luxurious, and within the reach of all. The list of the most luxury casinos around the world goes as below:

  1. Marina Bay Sands

This casino in Singapore is fast gaining popularity due to its construction as well as overall design. It is a place with best of the features and the most happening zone for one and all. This place is a complete entertainment for the entire family.

  1. Park Hyatt Mendoza

This place is an old Spanish Colonial building located in Argentina which is quite famous among the locals and often visited by them. It comes with some of the best features suitable for such a high-end gambling spot. This casino is famous for the game punto y Blanca and most loved by the locals.

  1. Venetian Macao Resort

This hotel casino in China holds a great place and is often dubbed as the Las Vegas of Asia.  It stands very much true to its name. It has sophisticated shopping malls, best restaurants offering some of the finest dishes with some kind of entertainment for all visiting the place.

  1. Ibiza Gran Hotel – Balearic Islands

This casino in beautiful Spain is for the first timers as well as the professionals and enthusiasts willing to participate in the game and try their luck. This hotel casino happens to boast of various beaches and wild parties offering something or the other to the people visiting the place.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton – San Juan Casino

Situated in Puerto Rico, it is a vast property spread over acres of land with the scenic view of Atlantic Ocean. It is, in fact, one of the most luxurious casinos in the world. This place offers Puerto Rican cuisine and culture as well with some of such top class restaurants nearby and waiting to take the order.

  1. The Wynn Hotel and Casino

No list of the most luxury casinos would ever be complete unless and until there is an entry from Las Vegas. The place being talked about is the best in the world with the most expensive services and facilities to offer to its visitors. One will find every single gambling game without a mention to anyone’s specific.

  1. Sun City Resort and Casino

After the South African safari, the next in line is trying one’s luck in a high-end casino and looking for some good fortune in return. Privacy and Secrecy of its patrons are well kept in mind and maintained accordingly.

The list of the most luxury casinos would go on and with some of the other extraordinary and some very common features important or significant to the place. It totally depends upon the patrons what they are up to, how much do they want to spend and what is their ultimate aim for visiting the place.


Croatia: Yugoslavian Gambling Heritage

Yugoslavian Gambling

It is well known that gambling business is booming in tourist magnetizing areas. Moreover, some deliberately choose those resorts offering trying the luck in the casino. In Croatia, luxurious casinos appeared in the middle of the XIX century, when it was a part of Austria-Hungarian Empire. Mild climate, warm sea, spectacular scenery, decent infrastructure, and flows of aristocrats, military and cultural figures are almost guaranteed.

The First World War led to the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Croatia joined Yugoslavia. The new authorities were not positive about gambling: a country torn apart by internal contradictions. In 1941, Yugoslavia was not able to withstand the blows of Nazi Germany and Italy.

Gambling in Soviet Yugoslavia

After the liberation of the country it was headed by Marshal Josip Broz Tito. Despite the communist ideology of Yugoslavia pursued its own policies, sometimes strongly divergent with the Soviet Union. The basic economic principle was ‘socialist self-management’, in which a part of the personnel in decision-making was not a mere formality, as in the rest of the socialist camp.

Significant differences with Moscow led Tito to recognize the need for closer cooperation with the West. One of the industries, where the interaction was supposed to be particularly close, it was planned to turn tourism into a money generating conveyor. Josip Broz Tito was particularly succesfful in the implementation of this program in Croatia, especially in the Adriatic coast. In 1963, the Yugoslav leadership took seditious to the socialist system solution – the decision to restore gambling industry was made. A few years later, the first establishment was opened in the resort of Opatija. The next ones on the list were the major cities: Belgrade, Zagreb, Bled and Portoroz. In 1980, the number of operating casinos reached 21 organizations. In fact, casinos were owned by dealers and bartenders, who constituted the majority of the staff.

The General Assembly elected Labour Council; employees participated in all management activities, including disposal of the budget.

Such a model of governance was far from the efficiency due to the inability of rapid decision-making, but it was the best one in the framework of the socialist system. The terms of gambling activities were established by the Ministry of Finance. A number of severe restrictions on participation in the game were introduced. Chips are only allowed to sell for hard currency; thus, exchanging Yugoslav dinars for chips was almost impossible.

Gambling was prohibited for individuals under 18 years old, as well as citizens of the socialist countries. Visitors were provided with a wide selection of games: from roulette to slot machines. Like most other ones, the biggest casino was located at the Metropol in the resort of Portoroz, near the Italian border. The complex boasted 36 tables and 150 machines, and the game was conducted in Italian and French.

From first steps to prosperity

Croatia is listed as one of the most well-balanced gambling legislative frameworks according to web-based Swedish casino Apnet, running a website with one of the most comprehensive gambling review databases in Europe. Virtually all the gambling forms are allowed here, online gambling was legalized in 2010, and neither significant social issues, nor heated debates around gambling influence the pace of business development.